Jeet Kune Do Pure and Simple

Jason Korol

You’ve no doubt heard that Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do is a method designed to be simple and yet so much taught about it is hopelessly complex and confusing. Jason Korol’s Jeet Kune Do Pure and Simple returns Lee’s method to its simple roots – Wing Chun and old-school Western Boxing. In doing so the author gives a full understanding of what JKD is and, importantly, how to learn and practice it. This isn’t a book about Bruce Lee, its a book about the tremendous and simple method that made Bruce Lee.

Understanding Jeet Kune Do

Jason Korol

Although much has been written about Jeet Kune Do, the art of Bruce Lee remains an enigma, spawning endless debate about what constitutes the art and how it should be taught and applied. Understanding Jeet Kune Do is vastly different from other books on Bruce Lee’s martial art that have preceded it, offering a fresh and simple look at the mystery that is Jeet Kune Do.